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Hangzhou Xihu
It is our country 31 places ("the world Xihu 36, Hangzhou Xihu is number one") by "Xihu" in naming lake most fascinating. Geologist ZhuKezhen believed, Xihu was in 12,000 years before formed "the lagoon". In the ancient myth has "the Xihu pearl to fall from the day, as flying of dragons and dancing of phoenixes to QianTang" speaking, Xihu only then had "the pearl" this nickname. About "Xihu" the name begins in the Tang Dynasty most early. When Chinese calls the martial arts world the water, Shisheng lake; Tang Dynasty to call long Chuan, QianYuan, QianTang lake, Shanghu lake and so on. To the Northern Song Dynasty, poet SuDongpo has worked as when Hangzhou grand minister superintendent, after he "Drinks In Lake First clear Rain" in the seven line to praise Xihu to say: "Wants Xihu compared to West Lake, the pale and heavy make-up always is suitable." Therefore, Xihu has "lake of XiZi" laudatory name. From the mountain torrent silting alleviation lagoon to wave light ripple Xihu, in the history has had many talented people to govern Xihu record, Tang BaiJuyi, Northern Song Dynasty SuDongpo, Ming Dynasty yangMeng Ying, Qing Dynasty LiWei, RuanYuan merit is most remarkable, and leaves behind the Bai Dike, Su Di and the lake in Xihu three islands beautiful scenery and so on. The present Xihu, the thing extends is 2.8 kilometers, the north and south long are 3.3 kilometers, the perimeter is 15 kilometers, the area is 6.3 square kilometers, and waters area is 5.66 square kilometers. The Xihu hydraulic mean depth is 1.8 meters, the deepest place is 2.8 meters. In outside Xihu's Su Dike and Bai Dike, divide into the entire Xihu the lake, the brothel district lake, the mountain lake, the Syli Lake, small Lake Nanhu and so on five levels of the lake. Outside lake three tides of the moon (namely small yingzhou), mid-lake pavilion and Ruan Gongdun three people labor islands, also is just like in the myth the Penglai three islands, stands in opposition, reveals the graceful bearing respectively.
Now, Hangzhou becomes the national key scenery traveling city, implemented "the blue water, the blue sky, the green color, has been pure" four big projects. Xihu dredges the depth, and makes QianTang water to irrigate, surrounds the lake wooded mountain to afforest, four seasons gathering of beautifully dressed people. Original "breaks the bridge remnant snow", "the Pinghu harvest moon", "the three pools reflecting the moon", "the flowered port view fish", "the tune courtyard wind-load", "Su Dike spring day dawn", "Liu wave heard the hawk", "the split-blip inserted the cloud" and so on "the Xihu ten scenery" all to carry on the extension. The 1980s, Xihu evaluates "the cloud to roost the bamboo diameter", "Man Longgui the rain", "the tiger runs the dream spring", "the Longjing tea asked the tea", "nine brooks smoke tree", "Wu Shan tianfeng", "Ruan Dun around blue", "Huanglong displays beautiful green color", "Jade Emperor flies the cloud" and "the gem flows the rosy cloud" and so on "the new Xihu ten scenery". The Xihu this East pearl more gorgeous is eye-catching, becomes the world the cultural heritage, the foreign friend yearned for tourist attraction.

Su Dike spring day dawn
It is located west Xihu lean south, the north and south two sides link up the mountain road and north the mountain road, the span is 2.8 kilometers. It was Northern Song Dynasty poet Su Dongpo in a Northern Song Dynasty Yuan five year (in 1090) as Hangzhou governor, mobilized the laborers, scoured Xihu, dug out the silt with the lake in to pile builds a causeway which but became. In the dike has six bed stones arched bridges, but north respectively is reflects the wave bridge, the lock billows bridge from the south, looks mountain bridge, the pressure dike bridge, the Dongpu bridge, cross Hong bridge. The posterity for cherishes the memory of SuDongpo, names this dike as the Su dike, also names SuGong dike. After Su Dike completes, the scenery is joy person. The Southern Song Dynasty year, opens pavilions and floor and platforms successively along the dike, becomes in the lake to tour the noisy abundant place. Nearby the dike also spreads plants the willow, clamps plants the flowers and trees, therefore has "the Xihu view six hanging bridges, plant willow and peach" famous proverb. The Yuan Dynasty "the Qiantang ten scenery" center here is called "six bridges smoke willow tree". The Qing Kanghsi 38 years (in 1699), Qing saint ancestor Kangxi Xuanye was south to patrol Hangzhou, when appraised Xihu ten sciency names, take "Su Dike spring day dawn" as heads of the ten scenery.

Tune courtyard wind-load
It is located the Xihu northwest corner, is close to the mountain lake, the xiili lake, distantly faces one another with the Su dike. Qu coutyard called "the courtyard", it is the official liquor the workshop when the Southern Song Dynasty. At that time, the Jinsha water flowed in Xihu, the courtyard takes the Jinsha River water to make brews alcohol, and broadly planted the lotus in the lake. When the flower open, flower and wine are fragrance, gladdens the heart, makes one be infatuated, the world calls "the courtyard wind-load". Southern Song Dynasty art academy science topic calls "the courtyard Holland wind". The Southern Song Dynasty perishes, the courtyard goes out of cultivation, and the scenery does not save. To the Kangxi Dynasty, it is welcomes emperor to go on patrol, the rainbow of a bridge mountain lake introduces a fine variety in Su Dike in the lotus, Kangxi book title and sets up a stone monument, changes "the courtyard" is especially "the tune courtyard", "the lotus wind" to "the wind-lotus". Present tune courtyard wind-lotus occupying a land area of approximately 270,000 square meters. Park divide are Mountain Lake, bamboo slips and silk garden, wind-lotus, tune courtyard, lakeside jungle five scenic areas. A park gate is located south side of west Yuewang temple, enters the gate is the bamboo slips and silk garden, in the garden "the Hushan spring society" is one of the Qing Dynasty "the Xihu ten scenery".

Pinghu harvest moon
One of ten sceneries of Xihu, it is located in the west of Bai Dike, three faces the water, the back relies on the isolated hill, the scenic area is more than 6,000 square meters. Make up of by the imperial tablet pavilion, the Pinghu harvest moon pavilion, four sides hall, octagonal pavilion, lake day blue building and so on, it is botanical garden landscape which launches along the lake, scattered and organized, has the unique style, The Pinghu harvest moon scenic area had its historical origin, the Tang Dynasty once constructs the hopeful lake pavilion in this. Bright Wanli year, constructs for Dragon King ancestral hall. The Qing Kangxi 38 years (in 1699) constructed for the imperial book building, and in front of the building built a platform which three faces the lake, the platform stretches out the water surface to the south, the line of sight low and level, the field of vision was broad, becomes the good place which enjoyed looking at the moon near the lake. Enjoys looking at the moon in this, may understand "Ten thousand Hectares lake to be even long as the mirror, four seasons good moon optimum falls" beautiful scenery. Hangzhou people mid-autumn festival enjoys looking at the moon has three leaving for good place: One is reflecting the moon three islands which in the lake of a three pools, it is enjoys looking at the moon in the lake; Two is in the history the Southern Song Dynasty palace wall ruins phoenix hillside moon rocks scenic spot, it is enjoys looking at the moon on the mountain; As for in the Xihu shore, regards this Pinghu harvest moon which white moon and light wind and blue water and sky

Breaks the bridge remnant snow
One of ten sceneries of Xihu, it is located in the west of Bai Dike. About its name origin, because of the Pinghu harvest moon Bai Dike severance at this, therefore the name is breaks the bridge. Song Dynasty is called the valuable bridge. The Yuan Dynasty because the ends of a bridge live a couple of Duan take to brew alcohol, also is called Duan Jia Bridge. The Ming Dynasty also has the name of "the short bridge", with other "the long bridge" remote corresponds. The present broke the bridge is in 1914 rebuilds, was a single-hole only cross 6.1 meters arched bridge. East the bridge has "in the cloud water glare" the waterside pavilion and the tablet pavilion of "breaks the bridge remnant snow". Breaks the bridge remnant snow is a Xihu winter unique landscape. the Breaks bridge back city and face mountain outside, it is in the water diversion lights of lake and the brothel district lake, field of vision is open, whenever the auspicious snow first clear, under the vertical of sunshine, the bridge peak to the south snow can first melt, by now if stood on the valuable rocky mountain overlooks entire the breaks bridge, saw only the bridge to be open already was the deglutination snow, "the snow remnant bridge broke"; But bridge shady-side actually white snow, "breaks the bridge to be unceasing". The Breaks Bridge and the long bridge, the west Ling bridge with for the Xihu three big sweetheart bridges. One of four big folk tales of China "the Tale of the White Snake" the center related scene occurs in breaking the bridge.

The willow wave hear hawk
One of ten sceneries of Xihu, it is locate in southeast of Xihu Yongjin gate and the clear wave gate lakeside region. When Southern Song Dynasty here is Song Xiaozong for cares for the national capital biggest Emperor's garden which Song Gaozong but constructs -- gather the scenery garden. At that time in the garden had Huifang palace and three halls, nine pavilions as well as the willow tree Swing Bridge and the bachelor bridge. Collects famous willow tree more than 500 along the lake, the variety has drunk the willow tree, Wansha willow tree, the lion willow tree and so on, the silk of willow and the light breeze drags, like the green jade wave turns spatially. The spring day, the oriole cries in willow shadow, "willow wave heard the hawk" therefore acquires the fame. The willow wave heard the hawk now occupying a land area of 200,000 square meters, by hear hawk garden, the friendship garden, and gather the scenery garden three scenic areas to be composed. It is located the park center hear hawk garden to construct to curl upwards the eave winding corridor, elegant unique hear hawk garden, but also has the occupying a land area of 2,800 square meters "hundred birds heaven", raises bird 1,000, dozens of varieties. Behind the hear hawk garden is the friendship garden, it by a piece of carpet of green grass lawn and a group of modeling artistic construction constitution. Gathers science garden is the Southern Song Dynasty scale biggest Emperor's garden, hereafter because the Southern Song Dynasty deteriorates desolate. The Ming Dynasty reconstructed Qian Wang temple in here, commemoration five dynasties Wu and Yue kingdoms kings Wangqian, when Wangqian governs Hangzhou once makes contributes greatly, he organizes the laborers to scour Xihu, for guards against the river tide to construct Qian to defend the pond, therefore the posterity constructs the ancestral hall commemoration. Qian Wang temple passes through historical vicissitude repeatedly, in 1978 has rebuilt as the exquisite botanical garden which have the characteristic of south of Changjiang private garden.

Colored port view fish
One of ten scenery of Xihu, it is located west of the Soviet dike south tip, north relies on Xishan, southeast near small South Lake, northeast is close to the Xili lake. East the front door decides the fragrant bridge in Su Dike, the south gate in the south mountain road, west door in west mountain road. According to record of events record: The colored port view fish's predecessor is the Southern Song Dynasty waits on official LuYunsheng the private garden, the name is called Lu garden, by views the flowers, the view fish calls. Lu garden under the flower mountain last, some which but comes in here pours into Xihu from the limpid small brook the Xishan barley range, so called "colored port". The colored port view fish has been through repeatedly popular and waste, already completed the occupying a land area of more than 200,000 square meters large-scale parks. The entire garden divides into the red fishpond, the peony garden, the big lawn, the flowered port, and the jungle and so on five big scenic areas. The red fishpond and the peony garden are the flowered port view fish's two big main scenic areas. In the red fishpond has over a thousand red golden carp, the tourist leans against a railing throws the bait, the red snapper pursues and snatches food, presents a picture of fish happy and Human also happy. The highest place of Peony garden is the double-eave roof star anise accumulates the apex the peony pavilion, the inscribed horizontal tablet superscription by contemporary writer MaoDun. In the garden take the peony as a main tuning, has cultivated several hundred colors brightly, the wonderful fragrant unusual precious variety, for example WeiZi, Yao Huang, a rouge jade and tenderly accommodate tricolor and so on, what variety is richest is comes from the Anhui Province ningguo county "the dwelling place of the immortals spring". The peony garden besides the peony, disposes 80 kinds of views leaves, the view flower plant in addition, mainly has the pine class, Qi kind, the cuckoo, the cypress, the crape myrtle, the plum blossom and so on.

Leifeng evening glow
One of ten sceneries of Xihu, it is situated at the south of Xihu NanPingshan branch vein evening glow mountain, old has eight five bricks towers, it is 975 year Wu and Yue kingdoms King Qian Hong for congratulates imperial concubine Huang has son to construct, is named Emperor imperial concubine tower. Because tower outside the west passes, also it is called west passes Brick tower. Because the tower on the hill of Leifeng, The people are rename "Leifeng tower". When setting sun sunset, tower shade across the sky, resplendent in gold and jade green, "the Leifeng evening glow" from this acquires fame. At the beginning of Leifeng tower constructs, it is 13 layers, may ascend a height to get a broad view. The bright Dynasty Jiajing 34 years (in 1555), the Japanese pirate invaded Hangzhou, doubted in the tower to have the ambusher, set on fire burns the tower, wood construction and so on tower eave is destroyed, only remained the brick structure yellow tower body. Later, the people fable tower brick might drive sickness fitness, the first floor brick dogged spatial, finally on September 25, 1924 in the afternoon the tower body suddenly collapsed, from this time on "theLeifeng evening glow" only has the name, the landscape not yet restores until now. Leifeng tower's being well-known, but also because it and guarantees the tower is in a Xihu tower group to the scenery, two towers the one south and the one north, separate the lake to face one another. Before Leifeng tower not collapsed, in Xihu once presented "the north and south to confront, a lake reflected the double tower" beautiful scene. Leifeng tower is honest and steady, the guarantees tower to be good-looking, and therefore the folk has "Lei Feng like the old Buddhist monk, guarantees like the beautiful woman" view.

The split-blip inserts the cloud
One of ten scenery of Xihu. The spot watches to be located in the spirit hides on the road spring. "The split-blip" is refers to the peak of south Xihu, the north peak. When Southern Song Dynasty the peak has ancient tower respectively, whenever train will be come, the fog low lock, looks out into the distance the split-blip, the peak shape vaguely but the spire is distinct, "the split-blip inserts the cloud" then to insert the cloud from this the bright split-blip originally is in the lake looks out the scenery. In Xihu's Northwest, the peak is towering the television tower is the north peak, the peak height is 314 meters; located Xihu south side is the south peak, the elevation is 257.2 meters. Two peaks are distanced ten miles, among the peaks on top of peaks, winds to wind; the mountain peak outdoes cloud, looks like inserts. The Qing Kangxi 38 years (in 1699), Emperor Kangxi toured Xihu, the imperial topic ten scenery, changed "two peaks" are "the split-blip", constructed side of the pavilion at Hongchun bridge, therefore the landscape on watched the scenery from the lake to become the scenery on land to look out into the distance.

South screen bell in the night
One of ten sceneries of Xihu, it is north of NanPingshan Mountain foothill Jingci Temple the sound of Clock through Xihu sky. The five dynasties later zhouxiande first year (954 years), Wu and Yue kingdoms King QianHong in order to provide for the Yongming master who founder the Buddhism, construct "Huiri Yongmin temple", in the temple suppose a bell tower. The Ming Dynasty Hongwu 11 years (in 1378), disliked old bell too small, initiated by Abbess YiJan, to gather at that time the copper 20,000 catties, recast great bell, because the bell was loud and clear, in addition behind the temple south Pingshan multi- holes, therefore the bell sounded, the sound put on the hole reverberation, the dissemination mountain valley, far fluttered the most Hangzhou city, therefore had the view of "south the screen bell". The Qing Kangxi 38 years (in 1699), Qing saint ancestor Kangxi Xuanye changes the scenery named "south the screen bell in the night", Qing Kanghsi 43 years bell tower destroyed in the fire, 46 years raised funds and reconstruction. The present bell tower was in 1986 newly built is completed, for rested the summit three double-eave roofs in the style of antiquity constructions. The building first floor is the place repository for Buddhist scriptures; the upper formation hangs the big copper clock. The bell body high is 3 meters; the bell end diameter approximately is 2.3 meters, again amount to more than 10 tons approximately. Take "Pulao" as Zhong Niu, eight petals lotus flowers are the clock lips, each petal casts has the place hit, six casts has Sanskrit. The loud and clear sound resounds through the Xihu south bank, the reappearance science of "south the screen bell" the.

Three pools reflecting the moon
One of ten sceneries of Xihu, it is located outside Xihu lake North West waters. The level of the lake is standing like a tripod three bottles shapes pinnacle, by enjoys looking at the moon is famous with the aquatic botanical garden. The three pools reflecting the moon is in the Xihu three islands the biggest island. The area is 70,000 square meters, water surface occupied 60 percent, for 35 years (in 1607) Qiantang County NieXintang use the original center of the lake temple ruins, with scoured Xihu the silt to pile builds. Qing Dynasty Yongzhen year, Zhejiang governor LiWei makes the willow tree dike on the island, the north and south constructs the tune bridge, causes the entire island to assume "the field" the glyph, form the pattern of "in the lake has the island, in the island has the lake" just like celestial mountain fine jade island, thus is called "the small yingzhou". "The three pools reflecting the moon" is located the island on the south tip of level of the lake, in the graceful blue water is floating three pinnacles, Ming Tianqi the first year (in 1621) to imitate the Northern Song Dynasty Soviet horizontal wooden board on the front carriage body to dredge three towers establishments which Xihu piled sets, The tower height is 2 meters, the tower goes against is the bottle gourd shape, the tower body assumes the sphere, surrounds the tower body uniform distribution 5 small round holes, is playing the part of the relief design, the tower base for the flat boulder place. The three pools reflecting the moon is refer to one kind "the moonlight to reflect the deep pool, divides the tower becomes three" strange picture. Brought forth the moonlit night every time, specially to clear date mid-autumn festival, bright moon in the sky, the people on the tower inner has the candle, in the mouth of the hole Mongolia the flimsy, the candlelight pass outside, by now "the tower shade, the cloud shadow, the month shade" gathered, "the candlelight, the lake light, the moonlight" enhanced one another's beauty, the three pools reflecting the moon from this acquired fame.

The cloud roosts the bamboo diameter
One of new ten sceneries of Xihu, it is located in southwest Xihu west five Yunshan the foothill cloud to roost in the shipyard, hands down the all colors auspicious cloud which five Yunshan fly in the shipyard to roost frequently remains, therefore "the cloud roosts". The cloud roosts is been called by the people "the Hushan first Austria area". The Qing Dynasty "the Xihu 18 scenery" center have "the cloud to roost the Buddhist diameter" scenery, the element by the remote mountain ancient temple, bamboo diameter and sound well gain the good fame. The cloud roosts the bamboo grove cover, the old tree is multitudinous. Bamboo diameter central blue stone board was separated by with between both sides pebbles with the black brick, hands down Qing Dynasty Kangxi once to roost four to the cloud, the Qianlong emperor roosted six to the cloud, the among imperial road was feeds specially the emperor to walk. The present bamboo narrow path surface width is 2.8 meters, according to the year "imperial road" specification, with paving with flags. Has along the bamboo diameter both sides "washes the heart", "returns to the dragon", "the double tablet", "caught in the rain" and so on the ancient pavilion Periphery has the Huiyao peak, treasured sword long, the blue Long spring, the Shengyi spring, the golden elixir spring, the wall view peak and so on "the cloud roosts six sciences". Terminus the bamboo diameter, it is a cloud roosts the ancient temple last, it is Song Qiande five years (967 years) Wu and Yue kingdoms king founds. great master pure land Buddhism of eighth generation of founder, end of the Ming dynasty four big eminent monks once has lived in this. Along with years passing, the temple has Vanishes, the partial palaces room rebuilds for the Hangzhou general labor union convalescent camp. Before the temple has two pavilions, the renovation is "flushes the cloud building", "ShuHuangge", rests for the tourist slightly stationed, looks into the distance expresses feelings.

ManLonggui rain
It is in front of ManJuelong village, stone building hole area. ManJuelong (at the beginning of Yuanguang courtyard) but acquires fame because of ancient Wu and Yue kingdoms Buddhist temple ManJue courtyard. ManJue is mean "the complete consciousness". Man Juelong is named ManJianong, before Ming namely is rich in the sweet-scented osmanthus, famous enjoys the osmanthus paradise for Xihu. Now, area this roadside land on slopes, in front of the cliff nearby the gorge, altogether plants the sweet-scented osmanthus to reach ten thousand, tree age most elder is approximately 200 years. Whenever the golden fall the flower open, the sweet-scented osmanthus is fragrant, the orange and osmanthus fragrant, becomes the tourist and the resident goes after the place. In the stone building hole osmanthus tree reception room is one of "the full sense sweet-scented osmanthus" main scenery, this height scattered about, rests the mountain rake construction, all around the main hall, the structure with side-walls only encircles the porch, matches by the blue stone carving flower parapet, in the whitewashed wall embellishes "the flying " the window with ornamental frame, the courtyard back on the scenery, muddy with the original scenery in a body. Builds the stone step to the mountain to pass the stone building hole to go against, the halfway up the mountainside constructs "recites the incense pavilion" and "pulls the cloud pavilion". The new courtyard and in front of the original stone building hole the garden both separates and connected, complements mutually. The stone building hole, ManJuelong is Hangzhou produces the osmanthus most centralized place, thus in 1985, "the rain scenery was selected new Xihu one of ten scenery by Man Longgui".

The tiger runs the dream spring
It is one of Xihu new ten sciences; it is located under the Southern University kind mountain white crane peak in the west Xihu. Runs the tiger spring as the primarily scenery, matches by the original temple construction community and the garden, the sculpture and Lishutong memorial hall cultural facilities and so on, melts the natural landscape and the humanities landscape for Xihu in a body, has the bright forest and mountain streams characteristic the Hushan beautiful scenery. "one spring two temples three Buddhist priests" constituted the tiger to run the landscape historical origin. "The tiger runs" the name comes because "the dream spring". Hands down Tang Yuanhe 14 years (819 years), the eminent monk Xingkong wanders to here, sees the mountain color attractively, prepares to construct the temple, and further because the water source is short, planned to departs. A day evening, he obtains the god suddenly in the dream the instruction that NanYue has the young lad spring; it will dispatch two tigers to move. When wakes really sees two tigers to dig and makes the hole, in the hole gushes out the spring. So he built up greatly kindly Dinghui temple. The tiger runs spring is national one of three famous springs, the people run the water and the Longjing tea reputation for the Xihu outstanding both fields. The prominent monastery becomes famous monk. Except the mountain founder Xingkong, the tiger runs spring has also left the vestige of JiGong and Hongyi master. JiGong dies in tiger runs spring Temple, presently stays behind aids jolts yard around a pagoda, in the courtyard five relieves, namely JiGong image. JiGong fights the cricket, the ancient well transports the wood, the nape outlier legend, the insane monk sweeps Qin, has recorded JiGong's main fact. Our country renowned Buddhist studies eminent monk's Lishutong also once tonsured arrives runs tiger Temple, did obeisance Wushang as the teacher, dived repairs the vineyard sect, became the vineyard sect 11th generation of founder again, the original runs tiger Temple nave already warded off for Lishutong with (Hongyi master) the memorial hall.

The Longjing asks the tea
One of new ten scenery of Xihu, makes a general reference the Longjing tea historical site, the scenery and the Longjing tea matter. The Longjing is located southwest Xihu in the wind bamboo range, the village name, the temple name, tea name all take from the spring. The Longjing spring, is one of Xihu three famous springs, also names Long Hong, the dragon is low-lying. Hands down Jin generation of GeHong in this refine the pill of immortality, water seepage cool and clear and sweet, the great drought does not dry up, people fable this well and the sea are interlinked, because in the sea has the dragon, therefore "Longjing". The Longjing has two, in front of the wind bamboo range calls the inside Longjing, the popular name is the under Longjing; to the range for the outside Longjing, is named the old Longjing. now, outside and inside Longjing are all in, the inside Longjing in the Longjing tea teahouse (original Longjing temple), it is a circular artificial pond, the diameter is 2 meters, the water seepage after the waters a horse bridge, the clay range, leaves the cogon grass village to flow in Xihu. Water of the Longjing tea unusual place lies in when mixes it, on the water surface appears a water line, the gossamer equally like unceasingly swings, the people thought "the dragon beard", then vanish slowly. the scenery are fine at the area of Longjing, Qianlong tours south of Changjiang, once wrote "the Longjing eight scenery", namely the wind bamboo's range, the brook pavilion, wash the heart moor, partial clouds, the surrounding area hut, LongHongjian, the god transports stone, the green jade peak Chinese style pavilion. Longjing has famous spring, famous scenery, and more famous tea. The Longjing tea is one of our country ten famous teas. Since Song Dynasty, the Longjing people drunk tea has become the habit; The Qing Dynasty, the Longjing tea lists as the high quality goods. When fable Qing Qianlong travel the Longjing, in southwest of lion peak HuGong temple tastes the Longjing tea of the Longjing tea temple, thought the flavor of tea pleasant and tasty is tasty, then seals 18 tea trees in front of the temple is the imperial tea, from this time on sudden rise in reputation. "The Longjing tea and the water of tiger runs" then by the reputation is "the Xihu outstanding both fields".

Nine brooks smoke tree
One of new ten scenery of Xihu, makes a general reference area of nine brooks 18 gorges. It is under the cockscomb hillock of Xihu west hills, an end connection smoke rosy cloud Lingnan, an end passes through continually Qiantang River. Nine brooks main scenery are "the water". Nine brooks water originate WengJiashan the Marcia range, converged along the blue bay, Hongfa, TangJia, well-off, the Buddha stone, Baizhang, Yunqi, Qingtou, FangJia and so on nine mountain streams, winding, was in and out to enter Qiantang River, was called nine brooks. "18 gorges" really refer by no means, double are many in "nine" the expression rivulet. The Qing Dynasty famous scholar Yuyue called "nine brooks 18 gorges are Xihu most winning place", and by "the overlap mountain, the winding ring circuit, the Ding dong east spring, the high one after next tree" praises nine brooks sceneries. Nine brooks 18 gorges natural flows gurgling, the mountain color is beautiful. When the moisture transpiration, the fog are hazy, here mountain mist winds around, the dried indigo vat froth resembles the smoke, therefore the new Xihu ten sceneries are called "nine brooks smoke tree". In 1986 warded off newly constructs the artificial waterfall, blue flowed out the jade, the full valley was hazy; "the smoke tree" interest all the more arose spontaneously.

The WuShan Mountain sky and wind
One of new ten sceneries of Xihu, is located in southeast of Xihu, the mountain body enters the urban district. Wu Shan mountain height is 94 meters, the science is wonderful, between the mountain range earthen mound gully the multi- old trees, the well spring, the rock, the cavern, multitudinously are famous especially by the temple. Most famous town god's temple, is commemorates the Ming Dynasty honestly to dare the word, grim cold iron ZhouXin to constructs, the posterity presents Zhou Xin as god of the tutelary god of a town, therefore Wu mountain has other name "tutelary god of a town mountain". In the Xihu scenic area, Wu Shan has the folk custom habit. Before Republic of China, the Wu Mountain is quite lively, the four seasons and the eight solar terms, the tourist communicates, booth four businesses, the temple fair goes to the market, just like a Hangzhou folk custom character and style chart. Presently the Wu Shan humanities and the natural landscape include: The auspicious pit hole, the feeling flower crag, the PaoCheng temple, "the first mountain" the inscription carved on a cliff face carved stone, the Chinese zodiac stone, the rivers and lakes collect the view pavilion, the Mahegela inscription carved on a cliff, the Wu mountain worthy people of former times hall and so on. These landscapes all have the deep cultural connotation, feels the flowered crag is being hidden "the lover of last year is gone while the peach blossoms remain the same" story. "The first mountain" the calligraphy authentic work is the Southern Song Dynasty Mibei booked. The alone Wu mountain style Chinese zodiac stone, is group of dissimilar in shape and form rocks, the people name the pen rack, the incense burner, the checkerboard, the trunk, the jade bamboo shoots, the turtle rest, the Plate dragon, the dance crane, the cry phoenix, the crouching tiger, the sword spring, the Cow's eye separately according to theirs posture, ancient name Wushan 12 peaks, popular name "Chinese zodiac stone". The rivers and lakes collect the view pavilion to be located the Wu mountain summit of a mountain, east looks Qian Jiang like to practice, sail shade spot; West looks down at the West Lake beautiful color, comes clearly into view, pavilion name obtains just right. The newly built tutelary god of a town Chinese style pavilion the construction modeling which will spread the wings by the phoenix, will become one of Hangzhou city symbol landscapes. On the Wu Mountain also plants large quantities of pines and cypresses and so on the often green conifer, nearby the tea fragrant building Song camphor tree, the tree age reaches for more than 800 years, is Wu Shan the longest age tree.

Ruan Pillar and Surrounds blue
One of new ten sceneries of Xihu, in the outside lake of Xihu, it is located west the mid-lake pavilion. RuanGong Pillar as one of the lake three islands, was the Qing jiaqing five years (in 1800), the Zhejiang governor RuanYuan mobilized the laborers to scour Xihu, dug out the silt with the lake in to pile up but becomes. The posterity for commemorate his merit, names for RuanGong Pillar. Ruan Gong Pillar is the Xihu three islands the area smallest island, the island north and south length are 34 meters, the thing width is 33 meters, and the area is 5,561 square meters. When initially constructs because topography is low and level, the soil texture is soft, some human of joking designations are "the soft male pillar". In 1981, the botanical garden department has carried on the layout to the island, the island center is a stretch of glade, in the west north by the main hall, winding corridor, the short fence, the twig door are composed the courtyard. Southeast side is the wharf, northeastern part the shore has "to recall the Yun pavilion". In addition, but also built bamboo structure, the thatched hut form "blue the link has slightly built". The small islands, outside the island the ocean waves are clear, on the island the vegetation luxuriant, just like in the blue jade plate a crystal clear jadeite, the science name of " Ruan Pillar and Surrounds blue " from this. The entire environment gives human's feeling is elegantly simple, fresh and elegant is lonesome and quiet. Presently first fishes for the lake in the area, the tourist ascends the island to drink tea, to fish, open and bright, magnificent in artistic conception is elusive.

The yellow dragon displays beautiful green color
One of new ten sceneries of Xihu, it is located in the north of Xihu Qixia Mountain the north foothill broom shipyard, namely yellow natural tunnel. In the garden the loose bamboo hands over the green jade, spreads plants the ancient bamboo, the black bamboo, Fang bamboo and so on the precious bamboo plants, constitutes a luxurious bamboo scenery happiest extent, on the rock yellow dragon spits the water, gets down pours into the pond, does not use up all year long, therefore "yellow dragon displays beautiful green color". The yellow natural tunnel in Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing and orderly times all is the Buddhism Holy Land, at the beginning of Republic of China changes the Daoism temple. In 1985 warded off for the yellow natural tunnel in the style of antiquity garden, in 1995 increased in this foundation take "the reason" as the subject content, additionally built Yuelao temple, auspiciousness garden south of Changjiang stage, rounded edge Taiwan has been intimate friends locks and so on the size several dozens scenic areas, by many Yuan overlapping structures, let the human feel "the reason" the folk custom inside story. Presently in front of the yellow natural tunnel pattern is the garden, latter has the hole gully, melts the real mountain rockery, the natural scenery and the manual construction in a body. The entrance has famous couplets hung in front of a hall: Yellow water does not use up, Laozi is still. Explained the yellow natural tunnel once was the Taoism Holy Land. In the entrance the newly built bangs play toad sculpture stands erect in the left side basin, right side is marks the wealth reason, love reason, the marriage affinity, Article reason, the Shi reason, the sub- reason separately "hits it well with one another pond". Nearby the road there is a whitewashed wall, on sets at 9 manners each different cloud and dragon decorative design window with ornamental frame, quite has the Taoism habit. Marches into two gates, in the garden has the garden; the small garden is the side bamboo plantation, big garden as scenery garden. In the scenery garden the host scenery is yellow dragon spits the water landscape, a vigorous plain yellow big main item places on the rock, the chilly water seepage, assists the emperor in his great tasks mouth to flow in continuously the pond. Nearby the pond has pinnacle, engraves directly "has dragon will be effective ", back engraves "the water is not deep". After that is the false cave gully. The yellow natural tunnel mountain uses the muddy heavy yellow grit to fold completely according to natural Mountain shape, for Xihu scenic area in scale biggest false mountain group.

Jade Emperor flies the cloud
One of new ten sceneries of Xihu, the Jade Emperor mountain, west connect the Nanpingshan mountain and the greatly kind mountain, mountain body is tall and straight, the summit common fog winds high above, "Jade Emperor flies the cloud" therefore to acquire fame. In the Jade Emperor mountain history is most early the Buddhism Holy Land, when Southern Dynasty Liang founds Buddhist temple here, five dynasties WuYue countries and the Southern Song Dynasty, the temple scale has the development. The Ming Dynasty, the Jade Emperor mountain temple changes Taoism Daoism temple, the summit lucky star view and the kind cloud palace once assumes the prosperous potential, when the latter Qing dynasty becomes one of "the Xihu three big Daoism temples". The Jade Emperor mountain humanities landscape and the natural landscape are extremely rich, always has names of the Jade Emperor mountain 64 sceneries. On the mountain constructs distributes in the summit and area Shandong foothill kind Yunling. Lucky star temple has rebuilt is a big courtyard yard, the height scattered about garden; Newly built "ascends the cloud Chinese style pavilion" to be possible to revolve the ladder by the spiral to ascend the Chinese style pavilion to look out into the distance, the Xihu Lake beautiful color, the Qiantang river scenery are cover all. In addition, but also has the kind Yunling statuary, purple comes the hole, Eight Diagrams field and the iron does cylinder landscape and so on. The kind Yunling statuary is located between the south kind cloud mountain and stone cliff, it is Hangzhou scale biggest carved stone statuary when the five dynasties. Purple comes the hole in the Jade Emperor mountainside, under the hole mouth have 3 highly different caverns, in the hole has the hole, the one of "the Xihu seven big ancient holes". In front of the hole has the rockery garden, bows the head can see the Eight Diagrams field. The Eight Diagrams field in the Jade Emperor mountain south foothill, the field assumes the octagon, is divided by eight paths between fields into eight, center has a round earth pillar, far looks like "the Eight Diagrams" but to acquire fame, hands down the cash string field which tills the fields personally for Southern Song Dynasty emperor. "The hard cylinder twenty-eight lunar mansions" are located the Jade Emperor mountain half hillside the Seven Star Crag bank, namely hard cylinder are seven, pour in the water jar, assumes shape of arrangement the big dipper, by procession of lanterns and torches. The folk is called "the Big Dipper cylinder".

The gem flows the rosy cloud
One of new ten sceneries of Xihu, the valuable rocky mountain is Xihu north shore barrier, the body of mountain is the igneous rock, its ingredient includes many ferric oxide, the stone color is red, the sunlight shines upon, splendid, far looks like the pink clouds to drift in the lakeside sky, therefore "the gem flows the rosy cloud". The gem summit of a mountain for watches one of place to see Xihu science. The main scenery is Baoshu tower, it is six faces seven levels of solid bricks towers, the height is 45.3 meters, initially constructs in the Northern Song Dynasty Kaibao year, it is Wu and Yue kingdoms King QianHong's uncle Wu Yanshuang, because QianHong is summoned to go to the capital, more unfortunate than fortunate, for blesses him safely to return and completes. The present tower was in 1933 repairs, the tower body excellent was slender, has "guaranteed like the beautiful woman" the praise. The valuable rocky mountain is famous by the wonderful stone. It declines the star stone length is 23 meters, lower part has been separated from with the precipice, creakiest, like outside the day crashes. Rosy cloud Stores up is brilliance and glitter, just like the pink clouds stores up. Qin emperor lashing rope stone is said Qinshihuang south inspect the Huiji county to offer a sacrifice to DaYu, the shipping agency to here, because the Qiantang River wind evil and wave is high, then anchors under the valuable rocky mountain, the ship's cable is on the stone. In addition, the valuable rocky mountain also has all previous dynasties scenic spot historical site to preserve. Nearby Baoshu tower the come phoenix pavilion, is called "the gem phoenix pavilion", it is one of the Qing Dynasty "Qiantang river 18 sceneries". The pedal opens the range fable is Wu and Yue kingdoms Wangqian open a path which opens with the foot pedal. Tight connect with the rocky mountain Ge range on Baoshi Mountain; the elevation is 125 meters, handed down Jin generation of GeHong once in this refine the pill of immortality. In the range has famous holds the plain Daoism temple, builds up the dwelling place of a god or an immortal, the refine the pill of immortality well and Chuyang balcony historical site and so on.

The spirit to hide Temple
Also names Yunlin's temple, founds in Eastern Jin Dynasty Xianhe the first year (the A.D. 326 years), at that time the Indian Buddhist Huili arrived to Hangzhou, saw was wonderfully beautiful to here mountain peak, thought was "the immortal hides", therefore on constructed the temple in here, named "the spirit to hide", when south Qing Kangxi patrolled, once ascends the temple the northern high peak to take in all the beautiful scenery. He saw Yunlin is misty under the mountain, the entire place temple space covers in piece of light early morning fog, appears extremely lonely and quietly, therefore bestows the spirit to hide Temple is "the Yunlin imperial sacrifices temple". Now in front of Heaven palace that block "the Yunlin imperial sacrifices temple" four great plaques, were same year Emperor Kangxi "the imperial brush". The immortal hides Temple heyday, have nine buildings, 18 Chinese style pavilions, 72 palaces, the Buddhist monks reach 3,000. When Northern Song Dynasty, has the saying of South Changjiang various temples, meteorological broad spirit to hide Temple is listed as heads of the five mountains. Spirit to hide Temple is truly deep "hides" the character interest, the entire place grand temple space on deeply hides in the Xihu group peak jungle spring piece green thickly. In front of the temple has the cold spring, fly peek all travels. Today Spirit to hide Temple was repairs the reconstruction one after another in the end of the Qing reconstruction foundation, in the entire temple construction axle wire was in turn the Tianwang palace, Big Grand palace, the pharmacist palace. In the middle of Tianwang palace towards the entrance niche for a statue of Buddha, bares the chest the dew abdomen, sits cross-legged the rush cushion, is radiant with smiles; The back consecrates to the entrance niche for a statue of Buddha is the Buddhism protection god Veda statue, the height is two meters half, the head put on gold Helmet, the body binds armor clothes, beaming and buoyant. This statue makes by the fragrant camphor tree woodcarving, is the Southern Song Dynasty preserves until now the precious relic. The Tianwang palace two sides are the four great heavenly gods painted sculpture pictures, the high each is eight meters, each one body throws over the heavy armor. Two shapes military among them, two looks are genial, are named four big gold people. The big grand palace original name sense emperor palace, the single-layer three pack of double-eave roofs, the imposing manner is lofty. Center the palace, Buddha Shijiamouni above the lotus flower place, image is dignified, nods the head and overlooks, makes one admire. This is one of our country biggest woodcarving sitting images of Buddha. the ancestral portrait behind is "53 Senate" the colored drawing on pottery group models, altogether has posture each different size Buddhism to make an idol 150, the performance is in the Buddhist literature the wealth young lad has been through repeatedly the tribulation to pay respect to 53 "Friendly Knowledge" (famous teacher), finally proves the Buddha fruit the story. This content rich image vivid wall models the main picture is treads the back fully, the hand holds the bottle Goddess of Mercy Bodhisattva, her attitude is natural, auspiciously is accepting friendly wealth young lad's paying respect. In Buddha statuary the Buddha image of Buddha in the spirit to hide Temple, because the big grand hall ridge tree is originally eaten in 1949 by the termite spatially collapses and destroyed. Now this image of Buddha was repairs in 1953. The image of Buddha height is 19.6 meters, original Shijiamouni statuary are higher than more than time, become with the nearly hundred fragrant camphor trees woodcarving. Image of Buddha modeling solemn dignified, low eyebrow detailed listing, was mad beautiful and vivid, extreme elegant demeanor. The pharmacist palace reconstructed for the recent years, in the palace consecrated pharmacist image of Buddha and date day, the moon day. The left of palace has the reconstruction LuoHan palace, exhibits 500 LuoHan status the line to carve. The lofty palace, the dense ancient wood, is following one batch of precious cultural relic's historical sites. In front of the Tianwang palace has stone scripture pillar respectively. Two scripture pillars both have "World Soldiers and horses Generalissimo Wu and Yue kingdoms Kings To construct, When Great Song Kiabao Two Years Already Sixth branch Year old Intercalary in May" the prefatory remarks. two sides have star anise nine to imitate the wood construction pinnacle respectively, the tower high exceed seven meters, tower body each carving are fine, before death tests after historic building expert LiangSicheng decides, two pinnacles also are Wu and Yue kingdoms last years the vulture make. Lingyin Temple collects the Buddhism cultural relic, had ancient times shell Ye write the article, the Eastern Wei Dynasty gold-plate the image of Buddha, the Ming Dynasty DongQichang comp book "gold people-sutra", Qing YongZheng wooden block-printed book dragon Tibet and so on, all is well worth the precious treasure.

India three temples
Hides from the spirit to the fontanel mountain, the perimeter ten miles, all called for the India Mountain. Hides the very close Western Paradise wall screening a gate from the spirit along the India brook but on, is in turn under India, center India, on India, has the India incense market and name of the India paradise. Conceals one's abilities can see the sea, India then view mountain. Wanders about the India Mountain, what is most attractive is all around mountain range beautiful color. Hides from the spirit gathers nearby the gorge bridge to follow road to come, the mountain color like a row painted screen, the cliff is steep and valley is deep, bends the gorge gurgling, the mountain mist cloud shadow moves fast from time to time, extremely rich wooded mountain rural feeling. The famous mountain peak has mystical powers the vulture peak, the lotus flower peak, the bay peak, detains the peak, the China and India peak, Rudou peek, the white clouds peak, the India peak. The India peak split-blip truncates stands, shape with fontanel, therefore Hang Human also calls it the fontanel mountain. It is height 455 meters, name of the Xihu first peak, it is the Xihu hills prominent peak. On India has the many old trees famous wood, like buckeye, Chinese sweet gum, purple cedar, Huang Tan, Siberian elm and so on. India Mountain the strange stone are more wonderful, area the lotus flower peak mountain stone, crystal clear, exquisite, delicate and pretty is especially incomparable. Hides from the spirit "is unbearable" the wall screening a gate to walk 500 meters along the India brook to permit, then is under the India temple, other name law mirror temple. Law mirror temple history most glorious in Sanzhu temple, founds is Xianhe five years in the Eastern Jin Dynasty (330), handed down each still constructs by the Indian Huili . In the present temple has the Tianwang palace, the round copper coin palace, the pharmacist world field three enters palace. The law mirror temple presently for the Hangzhou only nun temple, now still at restores during the extension. Center the India temple is located detains under the peak, to law mirror temple approximately 500 meters, other name law clean temple. Now, center India temple Buddhism again opens, in the present temple has the original Tianwang palace, AnYang palace, three temples and so on, is in vogue the religious activities, and also is a Xihu big monastery. On India temple other name law happy temple, to center India approximately 1 kilometer. India three temples by law happy temple area biggest, building grand, the layout are dignified. In the temple the palace are very many, besides the main hall, has the austere meter pavilion, a night of lecture room, the white clouds hall, two peaks halls, the snow slope porch and so on. The temple all around has the white clouds peak, the white clouds spring, Rudou peek, and scenic spot and so on. The white clouds peak white clouds tea once was the Southern Song Dynasty annual tribute from a tributary country Xihu famous tea. In Song Dynasty Yuanyou, SuDongpo takes the post of Hangzhou governor of prefecture, once several times traveling, leaves behind "Rain Middle reaches India Inspiration Goddess of Mercy Courtyard" and so on the poem. Song Dynasty ZhuXi, LuZuqian, Daifugu, Yuan Dynasty ZhaoMeng, NiZan and so on had traveled the India poem. Song Dynasty anti- gold hero YueFei "Turns over to go to Line in On India Temple Partner Topic" the poem is magnificent, is exerted the human feeling. In the present temple has assistance and so on main hall and room, reception room uses the room, casts 5 tons half heavy big copper clock, and is reconstructing the Tianwang Heaven palace and the rear palace.

Liuhe tower
The Southern Song Dynasty Qianshuoyou "Xian pure Linan Will" records: Southern Dynasty ChenTianjia the first year, has the India Buddhist priest to hold wards off the Buddha Buddhist relics to arrive the Hangzhou isolated hill to construct the tower to present, this was Xihu has the earliest ancient tower -- isolated hill Yongfu temple which the writing to test (afterwards, also called isolated hill temple, Guanghua temple) warded off the Buddha's bones tower. After 42 years, when the Sui renshou two years, in front of on Lingyin Temple's nape outlier has built up the god Nepal Stupak, here buried Tibet is the same state ship a temple named Zhixian nun's bone. According to the ancient, Zhixian once left behind the will, let the apprentice die after her delivers the remains to admire already long Xihu nape outlier interring. But, the Xihu early time tower, not yet breaks through roughly takes the Buddhism unique grave form the category, when five dynasties Wu and Yue kingdoms, the tower only then became the mature Xihu scenery "the component". This displays in, they are already different in Indian pagoda that kind of form on the over elaborate repetition, Islamism steeple that kind "the intelligence" the structure or the Gothic style steeple try hard the unusual refined illusion which displays, also very little has religious symbolism and the mysticism color. They by Chinese nation tradition construction artistic language, by its mathematics in bright, for human by intense rhythm; By its moderate proportion, the precise structure, for the human by violent independent and the integrity organic unification sense of harmony, by its orphaned stands tall and erect, solemn and quiet idleness potential state, for human by great lofty esthetic sense sublimation. Said concrete, the Xihu ancient tower esthetic sense lies in again with the Buddhist temple group, the botanical garden construction, in the mountain color water glare unification. They by towering the vertical construction which but leaves, straight inserts the blue sky, thus has broken the gentle scenery pattern, becomes the beautiful scenery important mark; They revealed the grand appearance beautiful figure place, often is the scenery gathers together the too beautiful to behold place, So make it give an added grace to what is already beautiful view ,go out of by drawing room in is it the beautiful; They not only are enjoy the scenery the target point, also is enjoys the scenery the starting point, so-called is considerable may ascend, It was the ancient tower of the West Lake that integrated in three mountains of cloud " Magic horn " place

Yue Fei tomb
Also calls tomb of YueFei, it is located the south of Qixia mountain foothill, the Xihu northwest corner, North West mountain road. YueFei, the character is Pengju (A.D. 1103-1142), Henan Tangyin County person. Jianyan three years gold Wushu cross the Changjiang River to South, YueFei leads the army to resist courageously, every fight is invincible. By GaoZong, Qinkuai withdraws troops actually by 12 gold medals anxious commands, and incites ZhangJun, WanQiguo and so on to make the vacation card, by "fabricated" the charge, YueFei and his son Yueyun killed by poison in the Dali Buddhist temple jail. When Ningzong times, YueFei was pursue sealed the Hubei king. From now the people revere YueFei for the national heroes. Presently the YueFei grave in the YueFei temple, the tourist may go to the view to do obeisance. The YueFei temple beginning constructs at the Southern Song Dynasty Jiading 14 years. Extant temple Qing Dynasty reconstruction, when Republic of China repairs, grand magnificent sight. In the palace models has the YueFei color picture; above has the Yu Fei grass script: "Restore our lost territories ", this is a great plaque. The main hall right hand side is the YueFei grave, is the rubble stone encircles builds, the tombstone inscribes "Song Yuefei the king grave" the inscription. Side has its son Yueyun grave. Path leading to a grave both sides have, carve civil and military terra-cotta figure, stone horse, stone tiger and stone sheep that deposit Ming Dynasty; In the path leading to a tomb step next two side rail gathers round harmfully four cast iron kneels the images whom Qinkuai which killed YueFei, Wangshi, WanQiguo, Zhangjun. Their both hands all with hands tied behind the back; kneel in front of the grave, experiences suffering the people to revile, just like Yuefei grave gate eve antithetical couplet: "The green hill buries the loyal bone fortunately; the galvanized iron heartlessly casts the treacherous minister". Front the path leading to a tomb on the wall screening a gate, has the sighted person Hongzhu book "to be totally dedicated to one's country" four large brush-written Chinese characters. The copal dense dignified is solemn and respectful. The north and south two sides are the tablet porch, exhibition all previous dynasties stele hundred. North the porch exhibits YueFei picture and a portrait with the original handwriting, South corridor display stone which the rebuild and visit Yuefei tomb temple successive dynasties

Future world
Asian biggest outdoor compositionality brand-new generation of Subject Park. The entire garden is composed by 6 sub-areas: Happy world, romantic athletics, magnificent celebration, flowered shade main road, riotous square and illusion center. Among "the illusion center" is a floor space reaches in 16,000 square meter giant rooms the amusement park, for entire "future world" succinct. Constitutes it is five different styles scenic spots: Time tunnel, forest exploration, English national flower street, international market and illusion stage. The illusion stage has whole world most large screen the holographic movie.

Flying peek
Strange stone lofty, The ancient wood reaches to the sky, the hole gully is profound, scenery is strange, for our country south of Changjiang rare ancient times rock cave art treasure, endured with Sichuan University full carved stone compares favorably with. SuDongpo once had "the brook mountain everywhere all to be possible the hut, most loved the spirit hid the Flying peek" the verse. In front of Lingyin Temple's Flying peek, other name spirit vulture peak, the mountain height is 168 meters, the mountain body arte the limestone constitutes. As a result of the ground water corrosion function, has been formed for a long time many singularly varied changeable holes gullies. According to the predecessor record, the Flying peek had 72 holes in the past, but because of old, are most has been neglected. Remaining several holes now, mostly centre in on one side of southeast of Flying peek. On its hillside facing Lingyin Temple, spread all over Buddhism rock cave statues since five generations, reaches more than 340, picture of western Sansheng among them (five generation), LuShe Buddha that know relief (Northern Song Dynasty ), sack Buddhist monk (the Southern Song Dynasty), hand of Buddha's warrior attendant, hear more king, the looks of a man Goddess of Mercy ' Yuan Dynasty, especially noticeable, should be that beaming with smiles shielding chest reveal ventral to fill and rein in Buddha. This is the biggest statue in the Flying peek; it is a masterpiece of statue art of Song Dynasty. All are rare artistic treasures. Flying peek has many rock cave with stalactites and stalagmites gully, dragon deep hole, jade milk hole for instance, penetrate brilliance of the rising sun hole, breathe out ape hole ,etc., the hole and hole have a history. Extremely has rich legendry.
Rock and spectacular rocky peak of drawing room of the Flying, like the flood dragon, like run elephant like poaching tigers and shying apes, it seems to be a stone quality zoo. The ancient rattan of old tree on the mountain, deep-rooted; the rock bone is exposed, the peak like pared. Bright people ZengSheng said: "All peaks on the lake, flying peek as the first. " east hill foot of Flying peek, have ancient temple down to India temple of Sui Dynasty, from here along south to the west, middle India temple (Fajing temple) which establish two year later than the under India temple and above India temple (Faxi temple) which begin establish in Wudai Wuyue Dynasty, all called " three India ". The temple of three India is famous for rites place of Goddess of Mercy of Buddhism, each have style: It is large-scale of above India, once surpassed Lingyin Temple and occupied the first place in West Lake in history, temple enshrine and worship, have a history until "law go through" mysterious peculiar fragrant wooden inspiration Kwan-yin Statue; Middle India's founder it is said that is the year exceed thousand year-old eminent monk, the people make him with the hope longevity contact with naturally in together; Next India is separates from Lingyin Temple, history remote, the local scenery is lovely, the temple bank also has symbolizes the sincere sentiment, the letter oath predestined relationship historical site. When travel the Flying peek, can see is not wonderful to this Mountain has not stones, does not ancient have not the tree, does not quiet have not the hole, beautiful peerless, its landscape and periphery the various peaks are different. Wanders about hides, the Flying peek, three India that distantly in the spirit and deep India habit, looks for and understands the Buddhism art charm heartily, can be clear, and strongly feel to contain between the Xihu scenery the rich historical culture flavor.

Southern Song Dynasty official kiln museum
It is located the south Jade Emperor Mountain slope turtle piedmont. In 1956 once had excavated dragon kiln, the kiln length is 23 meters, in the accumulative stratum discovered high and low two grades of products, the variety are many. In 1985 excavated dragon kiln, the span is 40.5 meters; the width is 1.4--1.85 meters, folded with the brick builds, fire chest cavity, smoke-box, kiln gate still obviously. The workshop ruins are located the basin which between the Tortoise Mountain and the peach blossom mountain, has stores to glaze the big cylinder, practices the putty pond and the system semi finished product wheel disk hole excavated for building foundation, a U-shaped unglazed pottery biscuit for ceramics kiln stove. The product has the daily life apparatus, arranges the apparatus. In 1988 excavated once more, appears the house, Store the material hole, the path and so on. Excavates the proof many times, the official kiln vestige basic integrity, may understand the official kiln the layout and the technical process and the confirmation history carry "the Peru color porcelain" the burn technique and so on. The Southern Song Dynasty official kiln museum, in 1990 completed, floor space is 3,300 square meters. Uses the Song Dynasty style the short ridge; the slanting top of slope in the style of antiquity timber frame construction, the modeling is grave, style alone. The museum divides the exhibition hall and the ruins two parts, take the Southern Song Dynasty official kiln ruins as the foundation, divides the kiln site the science protection, the special cultural relic exhibition, the workshop recovers the exhibition and the imitation manufactures the various parts. The kiln site protection is constructs the protection construction in the ruins, in the room all around erects the visit porch, has really demonstrated the Southern Song Dynasty official kiln production scene. The exhibition room by demonstrated the Southern Song Dynasty official kiln archaeological finds primarily, the system introduced the official kiln chinaware Product, the development origin and the modeling style, the embryo glaze characteristic and the manufacture craft. In the ruins floor space reaches 1,700 square meters workshops ruins protection hall and the dragon kiln ruins protection porch, it is our country biggest ancient ruins protection construction. In the workshop drainage, practiced the muddy land, the potter's wheel pit, the glaze cylinder, the element kiln, the unbaked and unglazed pottery piece piles and the kiln stove is the same year production equipment and the manufacture flow, had the extremely high scientific research value.
For vividly direct-viewing reappeared Southern Song Dynasty chinaware the production process, in the hall has recovered a set of biographies control porcelain tool and the equipment, the visitor may begin, to understand the manufacture in the style of antiquity chinaware pleasure personally.

Zhijiang River country traveling resort area
River of country traveling resort area Hangzhou is the State Council authorizes the establishment one of 12 countries traveling resort areas. Resort area is located southwest the Hangzhou city, south is close to Qiantang River, north depends on five Yunshan, the total area is 9.88 square kilometers. In the area the tall bamboos verdant green, the forest dense, the scenery beautiful, the environment is quiet and tasteful; The mountaineering looks out into the distance, static beauty of the Xihu, the river is grand, gets a panoramic view; But under, may watch along the river excels by far the ancient and modern the Qiantang river tide; Traces the river but on, also may see to the full a two rivers and lake and mountain scenery complementing each other, for Xihu and a two rivers scenery scenic spot best intersection. To 1998 year's end, resort area accumulated introduction investment project is 23, foreign sole ownership project is 6, Chinese-foreign joint venture project is 12, and domestic capital project is 5. Completes the floor space are 235,000 square meters, the development land area are 4.21 square kilometers. Will unfold the Chinese Southern Song Dynasty culture "the Song city", the high tech subject park "the future world", traveling project and so on international standard golf course foreign has received a guest, becomes the domestic and foreign tourists to come the Hangzhou traveling new hot spot.

American city
The Hangzhou US city is the Hangzhou biggest recreation center, also is Chinese first as soon as displays American the humanities and the natural landscape for the subject park. it is the Song city group continues Song Cheng, the Hangzhou paradise, the Tianquan ecology garden, the inhabitant of a mountain family, the Marco Polo subject park as soon as works hard to devote oneself to, total investment is 180 million Yuan. On September 23, 1998 began officially. The Hangzhou US city passes through the ingenious idea layout, fused US most to have the characteristic the construction, the culture, the natural landscape and the entertainment facility. Mainly has Lively Disney Christmas street, from the material quality to the repair all same 1:1 White House, welcome the state guest the south lawn, grand magnificent president the mountain, the warm romantic Cupid post office, to wind the winding drift river, the sacred dignified marriage celebrates the church, the simple mystical Indian village, like poem like imaginary Hawaii, unique sprightly joyful fort and straight thrust vault of heaven scenic spot and Washington monument and so on. Will welcome the tourist from the entrance the small orchestra to play the ceremony to start, each kind of unusually brilliant performance will be able to make you to be eyes cannot to back, In "the Disney Christmas street -- Washington monument -- White House square" on this loop line, charming humorous Chaplin, the naive lovable cartoon character, rode a horse the western cowboy which carried on the arm the gun, sits the caribou to pull Santa Claus and the exciting costume ball which the sled faction gave the gift and so on has formed the American city big parade performance side team, had the American character and style extremely; Indian square and swimming pool, drift river bank, beautiful Indian the character and style dance, the Hawaii aquatic dance and so on send out the indigenous culture the unique charm.

The museum of province of Zhejiang
This is comprehensive humane Science Museum relying mainly on history relic, located in the centre of the scenic spot of West Lake of Hangzhou, it is located in the fatherless mountain path of West Lake district of Hangzhou. This hall was set up on the basis of fair of the West Lake in November of 1929, is named in the museum of the West Lake of province of Zhejiang at first, the beginning changed into a present name in 1971. Museum is one rich the South garden place characteristic courtyard building extremely, divide the districts of the six halls into together, mainly have historical exhibition hall, celadon hall, coin hall, craft hall, hall of calligraphy and painting of Zhejiang, etc.; In addition, gentle billows pavilion ancient building District as the field that is exhibited temporarily, hold various exhibitions often already now. Collection of the museum of province of Zhejiang is up to more than 100,000. The kind has stone implement, pottery, jade article, wooden furniture, bone angle tooth device, porcelain, bronze, lacquer ware, and calligraphy and painting, folk art, etc., have given that makes a fresh start at the Stone Age (Hemudu culture, Majiabang culture, Songze culture, culture of Liangchu), to the civilized history in modern times. The most characteristic ones are the Neolithic Age historical relic and past dynasties celadon. Hemudu site of ancient culture which 7000 year ago are remains unearthed bone Si, corn, textile tool, paint bowl, etc. are all very rare. Calligraphy and painting yuan Huanggongwang "the mountain occupies and pursue in rich spring "t, painter of acting, in the collection, the name is raised home and abroad. The works of modern painter WuChangShuo, Huangbinhong etc. are very large in amount of collection; the works of the Huangbinhong are up to more than 1000 alone. The historical relic is the most abundant in the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom period (the middle
period of the 19th century) at modern times. Modern writer precious calligraphy and painting
that XiaYan collect in recent years, Enter 1995 hall exceed king purport on (The left eye is
easy in right) the sword has caused the internal and external sensation especially
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