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Remove the local products, Hangzhou has already been totally integrated with world, all kinds of goods are all available. So most people are not satisfied with buying local and special products such as some lotus root starch, silk umbrella, tea, etc. going to Hangzhou, Hangzhou attracts more fashion mans to do shopping with more and more fashionable posture. Wulin road the Hangzhou style clothes market of women's clothing, four seasons clothes market, Hang Zhou silk city, etc. will let who like to be beautiful girl to be so enchanted by the scenery as to forget to return. Say go Hong Kong want "blood spell", get Hangzhou to "sweep goods", because Hangzhou numerous department store and brand discount of shop heavier than that of the other places, the price will be much lower soon naturally .
Yanan that run N-S way Hangzhou famous flourishing street, road south segment overweight the young man, many kinds of recreation dress brand settle herein, combine with, pearl general merchandise, dragon circle in the air city three these, city of dress and dress of union accord with young people dress market of taste, drive the wind of the recreation dress of the road south segment of Yanan further. The north segment of the way displays the style and features of another kind of recreation dress, and cross with the martial arts circles way women's clothing street, have formed the distinctive fashionable style of recreation Yanan way support martial arts circles square direct northwards, here distribute shopping center, silver Thai general merchandise, etc. large-scale commerce trading center, Building of Hangzhou, merchants gathered, always favored by people in Hangzhou. The liberation way of the east west trend has been the important business street of Hangzhou all the time too Here old established firm stand in great numbers, Henry watchmaker's shop, Maoyuanchang glasses shop, Zhang xiaoquan scissors, Zhiweiguan, etc. old established firm liberate Luis strive, protect one seat competitively, the new brand is reluctant to show weakness too, liberating the way and rooting like the mushrooms after rain, Nike, holy agate Luo, special step, Porter, Jeanwest ,etc. sport brand monopolized shop, become liberate way radiate scenery of youthful vigor together, bring more popularity for liberating the way. In addition, there are a lot of well-known traditional handicrafts and local and special products in Hangzhou. Lakeside Wu mountain evening market near the road sell have many antique and handicraft, there is historical relic shop on teaching and administrative staff roads, recover craft traveling products market on the road,etc., the characteristic is distinct, worth strolling To Hangzhou, take a different local product and have a worthwhile trip further. Hangzhou embroiders; silk, Longjing tea, West Lake silk umbrella, etc. are famous local products in Hangzhou.

The special product in Hangzhou

The Hang Zhou silk is always well-known in the whole country. The tapestry satin is bright in color , the silk fabric line is fine and smooth, whippy, there is good reputation of " the sky rosy clouds, the flower on the ground"; The Suzhou brocade pattern is derived from remotely, the flowers, pavilions, terraces and open halls, small bridge flowing water in four seasons, everyone presents the skillful distinct Chinese characteristics, and the silks and satins texture is good, soft but not tired; Pure silk is transparent and clean, thin like the paper, light like mao, feel and slip comfortably; The crepe de Chine of pure silk, soft and smooth, it is flat to pass the crape latitude, the sense of touch is very comfortable.

Longjing tea
As far back as the Tang Dynasty, Yu Lu mentions the Hangzhou tea in the easy The Classic of Tea. The West Lake Longjing tea is always as follows, in history four classifications of "lion", "dragon", "cloud", and "tiger Distinguish with the tea producing area nowadays, sum up for three categories of "lion ", " dragon", "plum". Unique in the producing area of dragon well green tea, the fine climatic conditions have offered the good external force for growth of dragon well green tea; meanwhile, careful processing is the indispensable condition of forming masterpiece dragon well green tea too. Process, for divide " blue and green pan" and "brightness pan" two process, rotate by any during that time, have guaranteed the natural instincts of the tea. Generally speaking, it takes 6 hours for the Longjing tea to pluck, it takes more than 4 hours to fry and make this one that shows dragon well green tea squarely is wonderful. The West Lake Longjing tea, line with having yellow again in the color and luster is completely green, green. The tea form is flat, smooth, after washing bubbles, each is hung in water, the bud stands upright, tea is fragrant and lasting, dark brown and dark green and bright, flavor glycol .

India chopsticks
The thin bamboo which is taken from the mountain area of India is made, the texture is good. It is being fragrant that the bamboo chopsticks are distributing the light bamboo. Often print the wonderful pen painting on the chopsticks, esthetic and practical; it is very convenient to wash.

Prosperous hickory nut
Also call Changhua nut, eye mountain area Lin'an county Changhua, YuQianl, Chun'an county Linqi, Tang village and other places. The peel of the walnut is thick and hard, the pulp is fragrant and tender, fragrant and fragile and delicious, the nutritive value is very high, there is efficiency of enriching the blood, invigorating vital energy and reducing phlegm etc...

Hangzhou Chrysanthemum
Have another name called Hang white Chrysanthemum, perennial herb are one of the famous product in Hangzhou, Anhui Chu chrysanthemum, Henan Deng chrysanthemum enjoy equal popularity. Hang Chrysanthemum has long culture history, has been used as the tribute in ancient times. The county Tongxiang is Hang Chrysanthemum's main producing area, the chrysanthemum quality in Hangzhou planted here is the best, and there are Lake Chrysanthemum, ocean chrysanthemum, light foreign chrysanthemum, yellow variety of big lake. Adopt the fresh white chrysanthemum to cook the scene to do, take with the boiled water, water color is light green, overflow fragrantly, its flavor is a little sweet, can take the place of tea, lowering the temperature, clear liver making eyes bright, refreshes oneself, diuretic efficiency of relieving summer-heat.

Pure silk Shao
As thin as cicada's wings, thin and clean and transparent, it is clear to weave the line, hold out while being flat the silk fabric, feel, slip comfortable, soft and flexible, very popular on the international market.

The fragrant tender tea of Jinshan Mountain
Produced in my foot-path mountain in Hangzhou County, has had culture history for more than 1000 years so far. The camellia appearance of the foot-path has fine long hair delicately, the color and luster is jade green, fragrance is elegant, and flavor is sweet and fresh, drink aftertaste. Song, enjoy equal fame with eye tea on day when the Yuan, stand side by side "six products". The mountain monk of the foot-path often holds the tea dinner, receives and visits square eminent monk and dignitary.

The silk umbrella of West Lake
It is an umbrella to choose silk of famous product of Hangzhou, painting take scenery of the West Lake as the core more, and concurrently and ancient maid of honor, long feather flowers, bright in luster, elegant appearance, appeal to both refined and popular tastes. Umbrella head umbrella handle have many kinds of model too, ornamental and exquisite, rich strong the South local special, praised as a flower in the sub lakeside in the west. The variety, except the daily silk umbrella, rainbow silk umbrella, children, outside the silk umbrella, also can customize of different specifications field survey and draw umbrella, photography umbrella, seashore umbrella, park umbrella, acrobatics umbrella, dance umbrella ,etc..

Suzhou brocade
Adopt antique four season's flowers, pavilions, terraces and open halls, little bridge flowing water and mountains and rivers scenery, etc. pattern display artistic product of result. It with people's silk tapestry satin is distinct in style, compete in beauty and compete in beauty. Because is whippy, not very hard, it is not tired to be soft, it is women that make Western-style nightdress, etc. with the satin and ornamental ideal fabric which use the silk fabric.

The crepe de Chine of pure silk
This is high-quality slim crape fabric, flat through the crape latitude, slip softly comfortably, the appearance is graceful, is a dress material of advanced summer, use to make skirt shirt, gentle and quiet and refined, luxurious and generous.

The eye cloud and mist of sky
Claim "eye blue and green to carry sky" also, produce in on the eye mountain area peak, and best "in front of the rain" with "carry valley" day. Its appearance forms one closely, leaf quality is plump, the bud fine long hair is prominent, the color and luster is dark green, flavor is fresh and comfortable, fragrant and lasting, soup color limpid and bright and clean, tea each can be distinguished.

Zhangxiaoquan scissors
Inlay steel to be even grinder meticulous shearing sharp turning on, shutting gentle and amiable it feels light to be main characteristic. Being sealed in Qianlong Year of Qing Dynasty is the hired scissors.

Embroider in Hangzhou
Also it is called Hangzhou embroiders, ancient embroider, Hangzhou embroider comes from Han Dynasty, divide until "palace embroider" and "folk to embroider" two kinds. "Palace embroiders" embroider various magnificent dresses for royal member specially," folk to embroider" embroider civil ornamental articles such as the robe, quilt cover, etc... Clear period for the first time, it is large-scale for Hangzhou to embroider, Hangzhou embroider handicraftsman reach more than 300 people in the city. Hangzhou embroider kind to be various, embroider tactics to be consummate, embroider needle law quite exquisite, and put into different categories as more than ten kinds. It is splendid to embroider the product, the needle silk is close, well arranged, pattern compactness, esthetic, mostly folk dragons and phoenixes image, embroider product to be global antique, extraordinary and refined. All kinds of embroider product, embroider with records of gold, cover gold embroider etc. are most precious.

The silk grows the brocade
The brocade refers to having silk fabrics of pattern, the finished product are rich and luxurious, multicolored, there are distinct national characters. Famous poet Baijuyi to praise "the sky take a sample human world knit" in vain the Tang Dynasty. Today's designs and varieties have already reached more than a thousand kinds, the scenery, Guilin Mountains and rivers in the West Lake can all be woven into the picture, the rare birds and animals are vivid, and celebrity's calligraphy and painting can be reproduced.

Hangzhou fan
Praised as "the three best of Hangzhou "with one Hang Zhou silk, Hangzhou dragon well green tea together. Fan history in Hangzhou is long, making is highly skilled. The fan is various in styles, the covering of a fan is ornamental and abundant in content, not merely have a mountains and rivers scene, there are ridges and peaks and one pile of stones, may be said the wonderful pen painting is all-embracing.
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