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Hangzhou is the Zhejiang Province provincial capital, entire province politics, economy, science and technology education and cultural center. Hangzhou is situated at south the Yangtze River delta the wing, the west of Hangzhou bay, the Qiantang River downriver, the big canal south tip of Beijing and Hangzhou, it is the Yangtze River delta important key city and the transportation key position of southeast of China. The Hangzhou urban district center geographic coordinate is the north latitude 3016', the east longitude 12012'. Hangzhou is the subtropics monsoon climate, the four seasons distinctly, the elder climate temperate is moist, the annual mean temperature is 16.2 ?, frost-free period 230 days, the annual mean precipitation is 1,321 millimeters. Northeast part and the north west is the western Zhejiang Zhongshan rolling country, hills fluctuates, whole city peak in Zhejiang and Anhui border cool peak, elevation is 1,787 meters; Northeastern part and southeast part are the plain of subordinate Zhejiang, the network of waterways is densely covered. The whole city area is 16,596 square kilometers; the hilly ground approximately composes 65.6 percent. The plain occupies 26.4 percent, the rivers, streams and lakes are occupy 8 percent, The urban district is in the gather of the plain and hilly ground, the topography inclines by the southwest to northeast, north-west average elevation is 100 meters, northeastern part is the plain which elevation is 3--6 meter. The north and south of urban district are about 33 kilometers, the wide of east and west is 12 kilometers approximately, and the area is 683 square kilometers. The whole city governs 8 areas as Shangcheng, Xiacheng, JiangGan, Gongshu, Xihu, BinJiang, Xiaoshan, Yuhang, 3 cities are Fuyang, Jiande, Linan and 2 counties as Tonglu, Chun'an.
Hangzhou has the natural environment which the river, the river, the lake, the mountain blends. The whole city knoll mountainous region accounts for the total area of 65.6 percent, the plain is abount 26.4 percent, the river, the lake, swings and the reservoir are occupy 8 percnt, Northeast Hangzhou and the north west are the western Zhejiang Zhongshan rolling country, Northeastern part and southeast north is subordinate Zhejiang plain the rivers and streams vertically and horizontally, the lake is densely covered, is known to be "the land of plenty". In the world the longest artificial canal -- Beijing Hangzhou big canal and Qiantang River which is well-known by
the big tide surge are through the city.
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