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  The best time to travel in Hangzhou

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Hangzhou best traveling time: Hangzhou climate subtropics monsoon climate, warm moist, four seasons distinct, sunshine is sufficient, the rainfall abundant is copious. The annual mean temperature is 16.2 ℃, summer average temperature is 28.6 ℃, winter average temperature is 3.8 ℃. Annual mean rainfall amount is 1,500 millimeters.
Every year March to May, sunlight is beautiful, the weather is sunny, it is the Hangzhou traveling busy season; July to August, Hangzhou rain water is sufficient, the temperature is high, this time goes boating in Xihu, sees pavilions, floor, platform which the smog lingers like the Taoism immortal Tianfu hole; September to October, bright and crisp fall days, it is fine. The moonlit night may in the small yingzhou, the wine-tasting enjoy looking at the moon, shows off in writing, the drum Chinese zither plays a flute; the winter season, breaks the bridge remnant snow, white clothing of Xihu, enjoy yourself.
Should say like this, the different season, the different climate, the different time, Hangzhou all has the different beauty, lets the human enjoy theirselves.
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