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The Neolithic Age as early as 4,000-5,000 years ago; there is Hangzhou area first the people multiplied and lived. Before Western Zhou Dynasty, DaYu came to Huiji (Shao County today) and attend the conference of duke under an emperor, "gave up the boat (Hangzhou) and landed "here according to legend, called "Yu Hangzhou", the false rumor will become "Yu Hang" in the future. In spring and autumn, two countries of Wu Yue contend for hegemony, Hangzhou belongs to Wu, after kill the Wu, belong to Yue again. At the Warring States, Chu killed Yue State, Hangzhou include in the domain of the State of Chu also.
25 years (222 B.C. ) such as policy Qin, Qin killed Chu, the QianTang county is put in the region of Hangzhou up to the present, set Yuhang county at the same time, belong to Huiji prefecture. Chinese Inherits Qin System, in the beginning of Han Dynasty implement dish, city, Hou country implement at the same time, Gaozu five year (202 B.C.) the first month of the lunar year to will it be spring six year, QianTang border of the county belong to Chu kingdom of Hanxin. Spring of six year, set up Liujia as Jing king, and belong to the chaste tree kingdom. It is Wu Wang to set up LiuBi in 12 years, belong to the Wu's country. A four years (153 B.C.) before scene emperor, put to death Wu king Bi, QianTang county reply belong to Huiji prefecture, under the jurisdiction of Jiangdu country. Military emperor yuanshou two years (121 B.C.), country of Jiangdu was wasted. Ping emperor four year (A.D. 4), change QianTang County into spring pavilion county, Wangmang set up new dynasty system the above dynasty. Reply the old name in the county of QianTang during the early years of east Han Dynasty. At the time of the three countries, the QianTang County belonged to the Wu country, and all managed luxuriantly for the Wu, under the jurisdiction of Yangzhou. In period of two the Jin Dynasties, the QianTang County still belongs to the Wu.
The King of Suiwen Dynasty opened the emperor nine years (A.D. 589), kill Chen, the waste QianTang prefecture, and general term for Tonglu, and new city enter QianTang county, cut Wu prefecture salt officer (Haining today) , Wu revitalize YuHang, and Fuyang, Yuqian, altogether 5 counties in Hangzhou. The name of Hangzhou was begun at this. In the Tang Dynasty, in the Gaozu Wude four years (A.D. 621 ), changed to Yuhang prefecture to Hangzhou, for avoid title of a reigning dynasty avoid as taboo, change QianTang county was Qiantang county. Wu Dai - Shi Guo times, Wuyue country set at the southeast, found a capital in Hangzhou. Hangzhou at that time all fitted the west office or the west city, the state in Qiantang. When the Northern Song Dynasty, Hangzhou was manage for way of "two Zhejiang roads ". Jianyan three years (A.D. 1129) in the Southern Song Dynasty, Gaozong avoids soldier Jin's crossing it to Hangzhou from the south of Yangzhou, regard managing in the state as the temporary dwelling place, rises Hangzhou as the office of Linan, also claim the conduct is here. Shaoxing eight years, make Linan the capital formally in the Southern Song Dynasty. From Yuan Shizu to 13 years (A.D. 1276), yuans of army capture Linan office, set up two Zhejiang governor palaces, and switch over to pacifying the department soon. It is Hangzhou to change the office of Linan next year. By Yuan 15 years, change into a road of Hangzhou again; the office of person in over-all charge is put. To 21 years, move Yangzhou river the Huaihe River province manage to Hangzhou, rename as the province of Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces next year, this of managing the beginning for the province in Hangzhou. Ming Dynasty Zhuyuanzhang captured Hangzhou in Yuan 26 year (A.D. 1366), turn road of Hangzhou into the office of Hangzhou in November. In February of the first year of an era (1912) of the Republic of China, the waste office of Hangzhou, and Hangzhou County is put with original Qiantang, benevolence and county, directly subordinate to the province of Zhejiang, it is the site of provincial capital. On December 24, the 26th year of the Republic of China, Japanese invading army
captured Hangzhou. During occupied, 8 original districts change into 7 districts. On May 3, 1949,
liberated in Hangzhou, Hangzhou was the municipality directly under the Central Government
of province of Zhejiang, it is the provincial capital of province of Zhejiang.
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