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  Hangzhou Cuisine

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The Hangzhou vegetable always is fastidious freshly and tenderly softly slides, wadding glutinous mellow, neat and not greasy. In choosing the material aspect, engraves fine strives, bright, tender, makes good use of the local special product. Boils the technique aspect, often uses fries, explodes, braises, burns four methods. This can maintain main material the true colors and the flavor, meanwhile may accomplish the cooked food uniquely, the fine modeling. The Hangzhou cooked food of good reputation has "the Dongpo pork", "the Xihu vinegar fish" and so on.
Hangzhou's snack may not look down upon. The main flavor snack includes: The shrimp explodes the rice field noodles, the piece Sichuan noodles, the cat ears, south confuses the ancestor large package and so on, the tourist may go to KuiyuanGuan and Zhiweiguan to know the taste view and so on place to taste. The local famous restaurant then includes the building outside the building, the mountain outside the mountain, and the sky outside the sky, the Linyin monastery, Delaixi and so on place.

The introduces of some special features snack

Xihu vinegar fish
Selects the carriage moderate grass carp, should better fry first in the clear water Ripley, and must grasp the duration and degree of cooking. Charging glee sweet and sour juice after put in the Tray. Becomes the vegetable luster red bright, the pulp fresh and tender, sour and sweet is delicious, has the crab taste slightly.

Houzhong deity duck
it is the Hangzhou tradition famous cuisine. When cooking, the Jinhua ham heel and the local old duck (hemp husband's mother duck) will put in the big earthenware cooking pot, again put in the seasoning, seal the pot cover, cook with the soft fire burns and finished. This vegetable raw juice stock, both has the high nutritional value and tasty is delicious.

The tiger runs the vegetarian ham
it is Hangzhou tradition vegetarian diet famous cuisine. Because it is frequently supplied in Hupao, so it is acquire the fame. When cooking, selects the Fuyang Si township the high quality dried bean curd, in addition add the white sugar, the Shao liquor, the vegetable oil, Ginger's juice and red Powder and so on, suppresses after the model, on the cage steams Ripley and compete. This vegetable luster dark reddish brown, the shape like ham, the supple center belt is strong, the fresh sweet delicate fragrance, not only is the famous vegetarian dish, also is carries the convenience traveling food.

WuShan oil cake
Selects the fine white bread flour as the raw material, joins the cooking oil and the oil noodles, and enters the wok with cooking oil after the modeling to compete. When eating, add thin powdered sugar. The end product forms dough into a piecrust-like layer, the overlapping, and the luster golden yellow, crisp but is not garrulous, oil but not greasy, also fragrant and sweet, enters the mouth then melting immediately. This cake has the supply frequently the area of Wushan, hands down when Qing Qianlong travel Wu Shan once has tasted the cake. The folk called it is "the first cake of Wushan ".

Cat ears
it Is Hangzhou Zhiweiguan the traditional flavor snack. May make more than 900 noodles petals with 500 gram on white bread flour, again is joined to seasoning and so on diced chicken, ham Ding, shiitake mushroom, dried scallop, bamboo shoots piece boils the system then to complete. This snack noodles petal shape like "cat ear", extremely exquisite, ham likes the agate, the diced chicken likes the amber, the soup fresh taste beautifully, it is extremely delicious.

Xihu brazen vegetable soup
Also called the chicken and fire brazen vegetable soup, it is Hangzhou's traditional famous cuisine. When cooking, with the Xihu brazen vegetable, the ham silk, the chicken dried meat silk boils and then complete. This soup, brazen vegetable is green, ham crimson, chicken dried meat is snow white, luster and bright, slides the tender delicate fragrance, the nutrition is rich.

Tomato shelled fresh shrimp cooked rice crust
it is Hangzhou promising youth. After the careful cooking, the cooked rice crust gold yellow pine which specially makes with the glutinous rice or the stem rice crisp, the tomato, the shelled fresh shrimp juice red and white serve as contrast, sour and sweet tasty, the nutrition is rich, directs the human appetite, it assists the wine and food, also as dessert. When cooking, after selects the polished japonica rice or the glutinous rice makes the cooked rice crust and explodes crisply abundantly in the lotus leaf bowl, thickens soup the fresh shelled fresh shrimp to put into the pot and to spell the tomato juice separate half attire bowl. Serves food when pours the tomato shelled fresh shrimp juice on the cooked rice crust, the cooked rice crust meets the juice to blast open immediately, sends out the loud will sound, along with it fragrance, therefore the vegetable is called "a flat land thunder". The complete cooked rice crust is gold yellow pine crisp, shelled fresh shrimp is white fresh and tender, the tomato juice ruddy is sour and sweet. It assists the wine and food, also can work as dessert.

The oil cooks the spring bamboo
When cooking, selects the Hangzhou spring bamboo shoots which suburb short strong and the surface is thin, the meat is thick, the nature is tender makes the raw material, exhaustedly only slivers inch into the pot, by the heavy oil, the heavy sugar stir-fries before stewing fries, again uses the cooking method which the flame cooks in a covered vessel thoroughly, causes the bamboo shoots block fully to draw the seasoning. The luster is red bright, fresh and tender is tasty, has the sweet taste slightly. Both may be a drinking companion and may get food down, passes on the famous cuisine for Hangzhou.

Soup fish ball
When cooking, goes to the silver carp and cut the meat to the platoon, adds the right amount salt and the water mixes evenly, again adds the animal fat, then whipping, after puts in the refrigerator 15--20 minute to takes out, scoops up with wooden scoop thick soup to the cold kettle, heats up becomes the fish ball, with the sliced ham like agate, the fish ball resembles white jade, the luster distinctly, slides tenderly is tasty.

Longjing shelled fresh shrimp
Selects "the color green, fragrant strongly fragrant, taste is sweet, the shape is beautiful" the Ming Longjing new tea and the fresh river shelled fresh shrimp boiled, the vegetable shelled fresh shrimp is white and fresh and tender, tea deep is green delicate and fragrance, luster is refined, the taste is unique. The Hangzhou Outside sky and sky restaurant is this vegetable place of origin.

Zhiwei taste small cage
It is Hangzhou Zhiweiguan the flavor snack.. When cooking, selects ferments the fine white bread flour to make the skin, with fresh meat, either the fresh meat mixes the shelled fresh shrimp, either the chicken mixes the ham and commerce stuffing, joins the special animal skin to be frozen, after wraps securely puts in specially makes the small steamer to steam the system with the anxious fire and complete, it is called the fresh meat small cage, shrimp small cage, the chicken small cage separately. These steamed stuffed bun juice is fragrant fresh, skin thin and strong, but taste respectively different.

The crab ferments the orange
Make the raw material with the bright lake crabmeat and the orange juice to boil the crab which the orange originally is the Southern Song Dynasty famous cuisine, latter develops after the excavation successfully deeply the domestic and foreign guests' praise, has been selected "the Chinese Famous Cookbook". This emaciated look colorful and taste fine, flavor is unique, also has "Mountain dwellers Qing supply" the new liquor, the chrysanthemum, the citron, the crab "which for" the cooking ancient book in requests the beauty, and further because the modeling vivid is elegant, but in exaggerates the historical characteristic to have the current relevance.

Piece Sichuan noodles
It is the Hangzhou Kuiyuan Guan famous snack, also is Hangzhou's flavor snack. When cooking, selects the thin dried pork slices, matches by the bamboo shoots piece and the potherb mustard, with burns with the noodles but becomes. This sliced meat fresh and tender, potherb mustard bamboo shoots piece luster green jade white distinct, beauty the food is tasty.

South confuses the ancestor large package
Selects imports the fine white bread flour to make the skin after the fermentation, with the fresh pig in front of the leg meat, the animal skin is frozen (either with kidney bean paste or with hemp core or with green vegetables) and so on is on stuffing complete the big cage to steam with the anxious fire. The common 500 gram bread flour only can make 9 large packages. It absorbs North and South each kind of steamed stuffed bun the characteristic, because it does not have the sect, therefore the name confuses the ancestor large package. Confuses the ancestor steamed stuffed bun pure white and full, the number of eaters is soft, rich elasticity, low-price quality merchandise, actually in fast-food outstanding person.

South meat spring bamboo shoots
This vegetable fable also concerns with SuDongpo. The hearsay he once wrote like this: "Rather the food not to have the meat, cannot does not have the bamboo, have no meat make people thinly, not have the bamboo make person to be vulgar." Some people meet its meaning to write: "If is not vulgar and thin, best meal bamboo shoots grilled meat." This expands "south the meat spring the bamboo shoots" this vegetable literary reference. This vegetable selects south the pellicle five flowers the meat and the fresh and tender spring bamboo shoots with boils, crisp and tender and fragrant, the soup fresh taste is beautiful. Perhaps is this reason, "south the meat spring the bamboo shoots" then become the Hangzhou tradition famous cuisine which the people likes eating.

The shrimp fry the eel noodles
When cooking, selects the sturdy bright eel, after chopped cuts to pick out the bone to sliver the eel piece, fry with the vegetable oil, the animal oil fries, sesame oil pouring, until the eel piece is yellow and crisp; Takes the bright big river prawn cleaning to add the egg white starching to fry without additional ingredients white and tender; After purifies under the noodles into the ban, does not stick does not stick; Boils the surface with the raw juice, causes the noodles inspiration finless eel's fragrance, the juice thick and the noodle to be fresh. The shrimp fry eel noodle as Kuiyuan Guan Ning style.

it is uses the Jinhua ham to make material to boil the Hangzhou tradition famous cuisine. According to "Native Chinese Plants Appropriates lost articles" records, the Jinhua ham to benefits the kidney, raises feeds, promotes saliva or body fluids, fortifies yang, the solid marrow, the healthy foot power all has the effect. From duration and degree of cooking to knife merit all unique, formulated some unique delicacy delicacies. Painan is both the delicacy and the nutritious cool delicacies.

Crab juice mandarin fish
It is south Hangzhou the hotel development, uses the live mandarin fish and the crab meat makes the raw material to boil, it is rich in one of South Changjiang taste characteristic new delicacies. Its modeling vivid, refined, the fish flesh gets interested slides tenderly, the crabmeat pure white is tasty, also on the table drenches the juice, and eats the interest abundantly.

Deeps fry with flour meal
It is binds into the fillet mince meat with the high quality dried beancurd, slivers an inch section, and fries in oil then complete. If binds into at the end of the bamboo shoots, the shiitake mushroom and the potato putty, then becomes the vegetarian diet affection "the element bell".

Onion cake Kuai
The Hangzhou flavor snack of onion cake of Chinese juniper has an interesting locus classic. In 1142, national hero YueFei by "fabricated" the charge is killed in Jianan the Dali Buddhist temple, the Hangzhou common people hates extremely Qinkuai couple. Hands down one day, Hangzhou has the owner which sells fries in oil food, pinched two human form powder blocks to compare with Qinkuai couple, pressed them at the same place, with an alumni association stick pressure, invested in the wok with cooking oil to explode, in the mouth also discussed: "The Kuai" eats. This is the cruller origin. Afterwards, it is developed in this foundation as Hangzhou flavour snack -- onion package of Chinese juniper. When cooking, selects the heroin powder to make Chunjuan skin (or is called pizza) to wrap up the cruller, the onion section again, compresses repeatedly on the flat-bottomed pan, until bakes to golden yellow, again smears respects the sauce or the sweet sauce then complete.

Dongpo pork
When making, selects thin skin and thin five colored strip meats, with the crystal sugar, the sauce painter's shop seasoning, sprinkles a generation of water, will sliver the massive meat to set at into the shallot to fill in the bottom the earthen pot, in the seal steams, will not loose the primary taste, crisp but will not be garrulous, is fat but not the greasy characteristic.
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