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  The Festival celebration of Hangzhou

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The fair of the West Lake
From annual the last ten days of October to the first ten days of November, Hangzhou will hold a West Lake fair. The fair of the West Lake starts to do in 1929. Because the Northern Expedition of the national revolutionary army wins, Zhejiang Government at that time, in order to commemorate the unity, reward to the industry, revitalize culture, determine to make arrangements for the fair of the West Lake. The fair of those years has a grand occasion, and on famous 1893 year "Chicago fair" in history, 1900 year "Paris fair" 1927 year "fair of Philadelphia" all called the international celebration. Present the scenery sumptuous meal of a culture for people in Hangzhou and visitor going to Hangzhou to go sightseeing once every year. The visitors coming to Hangzhou during this period must not miss. The content of the fair of the West Lake is very abundant, the fifth the west that close just rich to can right away contain the artistic fair of the West Lake, culture is opened up to collect stamps, international fireworks conference, fashionable festival of silk, international silk fair, the elegance of business street is shown week, excellent galas such as the best living environment exhibition, international computer festival, book fair of the West Lake, international car exhibition, gourmet festival, photography works exhibition and various cultural forums ,etc..

The international sweet-scented osmanthus festival of West Lake
West Lake international sweet-scented osmanthus section hold in annual a September 16 to October 31. In gold autumn season, ten thousand of sweet-scented osmanthus in Hangzhou are in full bloom, the daring takes people, too beautiful to be absorbed all at once. Visitors appreciate osmanthus and sample tea under the sweet-scented osmanthus tree, plays card and plays chess, recreate by oneself.

The international tour festival of gold autumn
International tour festival holds in annual a September 16 gold autumn to October 21. In season of the Mid-autumn Festival, the weather is candid; the white moon of night is in the sky. You can appreciate the bright moonlight in the mid-lake pavilion of the West Lake, every teahouse of Ring Lake. So tour festival include the Mid-autumn Festival admire the full moon, Qiantang River see tides, temple fair of mountain and conference and fireworks and so on, very lively.

Wushan mountain temple fair
It is one of the temple fairs of the largest scale, with longest history that it is Hangzhou. For WuZiXu of country Wu while commemorating period in the Spring and Autumn and the Warring states, since built the first five common temples, temple Buddhist nunnery view over 2,000 years, increase day by day, spread all over Ziyang, Yunju, seven treasures, Emei, etc. ten more than big hill hair and foot of a mountain of ShanJing nearly, so there is saying of " 72 temples of Wu Shan ".
Wu mountain temple fair, four seasons are constant, each has their own characteristics. From lunar New Year's Day to the 18th of the first month of the lunar year, it was the native in Hangzhou mostly that went up a hill, in order to ring out the Old Year and ring in the New Year, try to get the good luck for one year; among the February and March, Hangzhou area of Jiahu lake, pour into Hangzhou city one after another, get mountain Wu stock fragrant too finally. The Dragon Boat Festival, the Beginning of summer festival at the years old, all trades and professions have a holiday, have mountain Wu catch the temple fair too. In addition, on every temple kindhearted person birthday, there is a temple fair lively.
Old times, Wu mountain temple fair, besides burning incense and praying, spread all over and tell one's fortune, see the looks, tell fortune by analyzing the component parts of a Chinese character in the stand from the top to the foot. In addition sell calligraphy and painting, temple platform play with, make a living by singing ditty, perform conjuring tricks, play acrobatics, sell flowers, fight birds, hotel owner and pedal around temple and set up a stall along the mountain path still, people catch the temple fair and often "smell the wind and leave and come back with fruitful result". Especially Qinghefang of foot of the hill Wu moustache of area celebrate session, Kongfengchun, Zhangyunshen, Fangyuhe, Zhuangyuan floor the business are very good.

The tea party of spring
Tea party annual spring April 8 -- on May 8 Run in the Longjing tea village, main activity are go for an outing in early spring, pick tea-leaves, fry tea, tea art tea ceremony performance, do the tea grower activity for one day etc.

The lotus festival of West Lake
The lotus festival of West Lake is hold in annual July -- August Quyuan wind lotus, the main activity awards the lotus, pick the seedpod of the lotus, shell the lotus seeds, make lotus meal, listen to the folk opera, put the light of the lotus and pray for blessings, lotus trading fair, West Lake lotus' Miss' photography model contest, Chinese lotus variety exhibition, etc..

The West Lake party of admiring the full moon of the Mid-autumn Festival
The party of admiring the full moon is in the annual lunar calendar on the Mid-autumn Festival in the West Lake August 14 - 16, Hold in the flat lake autumn moon, the main activity is song and dance acrobatics, folk music performance, flavor dinner, visiting the West Lake at night, etc..

The international fireworks conference of West Lake
International fireworks conferences of West Lake put together in annual mid-October; the fireworks put in the foreign country, print the beautiful scenery of the West Lake,
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