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  The amusement in Hangzhou

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The entertainment industry of Hangzhou is relatively developed, various places of entertainment rise from the ground like the mushrooms after rain, and the new developing recreation emerges in an endless stream. Modernized KTV, discotheque, Internet cafe, tea art, bath center, etc. spread all over Hangzhou, night club which every hotel allocates at the same time, comprehensive facilities such as sauna, bowling, swimming pool , health room , beauty parlor and court ,etc. have opened the gate wide to people's door.
There is a piece of "colorful time" at the edge of square of children's palace, it is the newly opened place of entertainment, a good place for amusement and leisure too in the hot spring of the pool of dragon of the sports center of yellow dragon. Zhijiang River travel resort national "world future at the Hangzhou", it is Asia heaviest theme park outdoor at present, have holographic movie of the global largest screen; The international golf club of West Lake is the fashionable summarization of entertainment industry of Hangzhou, the whole area is 266.667 hectares, one grade of courts makes up by the prizes of two different styles.
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